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  • Fertecon takes a look at corn prices v urea Wednesday April 05th, 2017 This month’s Front Page Discussion in the Fertecon Urea Futures takes a look at the relationship between crop and fertilizer prices. It is relevant since the USA will begin planting corn in April. The chart below shows the average monthly corn price as received by the farmer in the USA against an international urea price ... Read more
  • India continues to looks at possible changes to subsidies Wednesday January 11th, 2017 Will the early February budget see lower subsidies? With the Union Government due to present its budget for 2017/18 on 1 February, a number of questions were raised at the recent FAI meeting in Delhi regarding subsidies, MRPs, changes to the GST (general sales tax) and the Direct Benefit Transfer policy to name but a few. ... Read more
  • Europe is proposing to reduce cadmium limits in fertilizers Thursday December 08th, 2016 The proposal and the options for Europe The EU issued a proposal to limit cadmium in fertilizers to 60mg per kilo P2O5 from 2016, then reduce cadmium to 40mg per kilo P2O5 from 2019 and to reduce to 20mg per kilo P2O5 from 2028. Most EU fertilizers have been within the voluntary limit of 60mg per kilo ... Read more
  • Potash market consolidation on the horizon? Thursday November 10th, 2016 On 12 September Agrium and PotashCorp announced the intention to merge into a single entity. For editorial ease we will refer to the proposed merged entity as ‘POT-AGU’ in this piece. The merger needs the approval of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which will be asked to rule on whether this represents too big a ... Read more
  • What does Turkish fertilizer import data tell us about the nitrates ban? Friday November 04th, 2016 Hello world! Read more
  • How shale gas is transforming US Nitrogen fertilizer market dynamics Thursday October 06th, 2016 THE USA TO MOVE AWAY FROM BEING ONE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST IMPORTERS OF NITROGEN The United States is one of the world’s largest importers of nitrogen fertilizers. In 2015, it imported over 16 million tonnes of ammonia, urea and UAN. However, the shale gas revolution, and consequent sharp drop in gas price, has made the ... Read more
  • Changes ahead for the North American Sulphur market? Tuesday August 09th, 2016 As expected, Mosaic’s decision to build a sulphur remelter is changing market dynamics and altering trade flows not only in North America but also in the Northern Hemisphere. During the past year we have seen granular sulphur shipments to Tampa not only from Kazakhstan and the UAE but also from Vancouver for the first time ... Read more
  • What will the future hold for nitrates in Turkey? Tuesday August 09th, 2016 In early June, nitrates markets were shook up by the Turkish government banning all movement of AN, CAN and potassium nitrate (PN). Parts of the move, namely the ban on the movement of AN, did not come as a surprise after prior reports that the fertilizer had been found to have been used in bombs ... Read more
  • Could UAN become a rising star in Brazil? Tuesday August 09th, 2016 The Brazilian fertilizer import market continues to be dominated by solid straight P or N fertilizers such as MAP, DAP, AN, urea and AS, as well as NPs such as ammonium phosphate (AP) and various grades of mainly AN-based NPKs. NPKs are also blended at various sites in the country according to specific regional needs. ... Read more
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