For your Sulphur price & trade data needs

The sulphur market has its own dynamics, different from the rest of the fertilizer market. With this market structure, price dynamics are often confusing. As supply is overwhelmingly an involuntary by-product of oil and gas processing and demand is driven primarily by the phosphate market you need reports that track developments in both.

The sulphur monthly and weekly reports do just that by tracking new developments in the oil and gas industries and the downstream sulphuric acid and phosphates sectors. As such, anyone involved in the sulphur market, whether buyer, seller or trader, should subscribe to follow price and market developments to avoid being caught out by the often rapid changes in market direction.

The Informa sulphur and sulphuric acid reports tell subscribers not only what is happening but also why developments are happening. Each report contains a concise analysis of the market, putting often confusing current developments into a wider context. Speed, accuracy and a reputation for intelligent, sensitive reporting are the ingredients that makes the Informa reports essential reading for leading companies engaged in the day-to-day business of buying, selling and trading sulphur. Fertecon can also provide confidential consultancy services on sulphur and sulphuric acid.

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  • NEW Informa Sulphur Outlook Quarterly Report
    Fertecon’s Sulphur Outlook Quarterly Report is an invaluable medium and long-term planning tool for anyone involved in the oil and gas and sulphur industry. Reports are issued four times a year and are approximately 100-150 pages in length. Each report includes an analysis of recent key market developments and forecast market trends in the medium and long term. The forecasts of annual average prices are provided up to 2030.
    Each issue includes a comprehensive statistical Appendix and DataViewer with historical and forecast data for sulphur production; consumption and trade by country and end-use for 2010-2030; prices for different locations; and historic and future trade matrices.
  • NEW Informa Sulphur Futures Monthly Report 
    The new Informa Sulphur Futures report, prepared by Fertecon’s analysts, will help subscribers improve trading and purchasing decisions through reliable analysis of supply, demand, pricing and trade projections for the next 12 months.
    Key Features include:
    – Price forecast for major benchmarks for the next 6-12 months, together with relevant historical price series
    – Forward trade balances generated by Fertecon’s independent database
    – Global market outlook supported by demand and supply drivers both macro-economic and market related
    – Comprehensive market overview including in-depth demand and supply analysis
    – Analysis of associated markets
  • Sulphur Weekly Market Report
    The Sulphur Market Report supports your short-term business decisions by providing you with critical and timely information on sulphur market developments and price changes.