For your Nitrogen price & trade data needs

The urea market is one of the more complex components of the fertilizer industry. Surprisingly, given the general focus of the market, traded urea makes up only just over one quarter of total urea production and most production is consumed in the country of output. Relatively small changes in supply and demand in the major producing and consuming countries can have a major impact on trade levels. Over the next few years there will be some major changes in the pattern of supply and demand, and keeping on top of these developments will be essential for anyone involved in the urea market, whether on a short-term or long-term basis.

Fertecon, with its comprehensive services ranging from weekly market reports through regular analysis and price forecasts to long-term strategic analysis and data services, provides an unrivalled, integrated information package for anyone involved in the urea industry. Fertecon can also provide confidential consultancy services on urea, and has also produced a series of major multi-client supply/demand studies.

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  • Nitrogen Weekly Market Reports
    The Nitrogen Market Reports support your short-term business decisions by providing you with critical and timely information on nitrates and urea market developments and price changes.
  • Nitrates Monthly Futures Report
    The Nitrates Futures report provides an in-depth analysis of the nitrates
    market and is designed to give subscribers a detailed overview of the current
    supply/demand, cost and price situation for UAN, AN and CAN with price
    forecasts up to 12 months ahead.
  • NEW Nitrates Quarterly Outlook Report
    The new Fertecon Nitrates Outlook report will help subscribers make long term strategic planning and investment decisions through our detailed analysis of historical and current market trends along with a range of forecast prices.
    Key Features include:
    – Detailed PIEC projections (UAN, AN, CAN)
    – 10-year price forecast
    – Production cost analysis Project updates
  • Nitrogen Quarterly Fertilizer Data File
    The Nitrogen Fertilizer Data File supports improved long-term strategic planning and purchasing decisions through world-class data covering past, current and forecast nitrogen fertilizer market developments.

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  • Urea Monthly Futures Report
    The Urea Futures Report helps you steer a course through one of the
    world’s most challenging commodity markets.
    Key features include:
    – 12-month price forecast
    – Supply estimates on a monthly basis
    – Buying estimates on a monthly basis
  • Urea Quarterly Outlook Report
    The Urea Outlook Report will help you to navigate through the changing urea market.
    Key Features include:
    – Project updates
    – 10-year price forecast
    – Production cost analysis