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The ammonia market is one of the more volatile components of the fertilizer sector. A major intermediate and a fertilizer in its own right, the special nature of the ammonia market is sometimes incomprehensible to the rest of the fertilizer industry. Yet, for the nitrogen industry, the phosphate industry and the compounds industry, making the right decisions on ammonia can be a matter of profit or loss.

Fertecon, with its comprehensive ammonia services ranging from weekly market reports through monthly analysis and price forecasts to long-term strategic analysis, provides an unrivalled, integrated information package for anyone involved in the ammonia industry. Fertecon can also provide confidential consultancy services on ammonia.

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  • Ammonia Weekly Market Report
    The Ammonia Market Report supports your short-term business decisions by providing you with critical and timely information on ammonia market developments and price changes.
  • Ammonia Monthly Futures Report
    The Ammonia Futures report supports improved trading and purchasing decisions through reliable cost analysis, market and price outlook for the next 12 months.
    Key Features include:
    – Real-time shipments lists for major ammonia terminals
    – Latest updates of the monthly ammonia trade data
    – Price forecast for 6 major benchmarks for the next 12 months

  • Ammonia Quarterly Outlook Report
    The Ammonia Outlook Report supports improved long-term strategic planning and purchasing decisions through world-class analysis of past, current and forecasted ammonia market developments.
    Key Features include:
    – Detailed capacity, production, imports, exports and consumption projections, including a breakdown of ammonia demand by industry sectors
    – Detailed review of ammonia trade with a split into seaborne and overland
    – 10-year price forecast supported by energy assumptions

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