Consultancy Services

Fertecon’s consultancy capabilities are recognized as the go-to service for clients seeking strategic and investment advice in the fertilizer space and related industries.

We support clients around the globe, in industries ranging from fertilizers, oil and gas, investment banking, mining, shipping and explosives.

Our Capabilities 

Fertecon has extensive experience covering nitrogen, phosphate, potash, ammonia, urea, AN/CAN/UAN, MAP/DAP, MOP/SOP and NPK’s amongst others.

Examples of our previous consultancy work

  • Strategic reviews
  • Investment opportunities
  • Outlook for emerging markets
  • Project economic review and optimisation
  • Market and price outlook
  • Bankable market studies for new projects
  • Due diligence investigations and advice
  • Cost and competitiveness review
  • Company profiles
How will the service benefit your business?

  • Customised and cost-effective solutions to your information and analysis requirements allowing you to make informed decisions based on analysis tailored for your business
  • Global analysis of fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials allowing your business to make major investment decisions based on the reliability and accuracy of Fertecon’s data and analysis capabilities
  • Access to a network of expertise within the Informa Group, including coverage of agricultural markets, energy and freight, amongst others to allow your business to access the most relevant information for your requirements
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Meet our lead specialists

Jenny Bouch, Senior Nitrogen Consultant
Jenny Bouch manages Fertecon’s bespoke consulting services.
To read Jenny’s full biography, click here.
Telephone: +44 020 7551 9799
Allan Pickett, Principal Consultant
Allan Pickett provides consultancy services on phosphates, potash and sulphur.
To read Allan’s full biography, click here.
Telephone: +44 020 7551 9219
Marina Simonova, Head of Ammonia
Marina Simonova is Head of Ammonia Services at Fertecon and provides support to consultancy projects.
To read Marina’s full biography, click here.
Telephone: +44 020 7551 9946
Luke Hutson, Head of Nitrates

Luke Hutson is Head of Nitrates at Fertecon, working on long-term reports and consultancy projects.
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Telephone: +44 020 7551 9943

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