The basic philosophy of FERTECON is to provide its clients not only with high quality reports but also with the opportunity to tap in to the wealth of experience offered by our consultants for those small but urgent information requirements that occur in day-to-day business.

FERTECON’s services on fertilizers are subscribed to by virtually all companies and government agencies involved in the World fertilizer and related industries. A partial list of our key clients is included below:

List of key clients around the world

What our clients think…

Professional. More accurate than others. Better insight
Russell Side, VP Sales and Marketing
Tessenderlo Kerley, USA

“FERTECON stays in touch with the markets and if a particular index no longer is indicative of market movement, it is replaced or removed. Other publications leave those indicators in the report with values that never change. This can cause huge disruption to customers who based contract prices on their index since the index is still published but doesn’t accurately portray market movements.”
Kenneth Luke, Director of Purchasing
SNF Holding Company, USA

“Timely and informative. Employees I deal with are very helpful”
Joseph Wolf, MD
Barclays Capital,

“Excellent summary of market and company events and data; useful forecasting”
Rich Morrow, Director of Corporate Development
Magindusries Corp