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Phosphate fertilizer, particular DAP, are traded widely. Other phosphate fertilizers such as MAP and TSP also enter world trade in considerable volumes. Phosphoric acid, a key intermediate is significant in several key markets. Phosphate rock is the basic raw material of the phosphate fertilizer industry, with its own dynamics. After years of oversupply, the phosphate market tightened in 2007 and 2008 with a major price spike, with DAP prices reaching over $1200/tonne. Phosphate rock and phosphoric acid prices, which previously had been set on an annual basis, became volatile.

FERTECON’s Weekly Phosphate report covers the phosphate market in detail, covering major business and price developments in all phosphate products.

FERTECON publish the following reports on Phosphate:

  • Phosphate Weekly Market Report
  • Informa Phosphate Futures (Prepared by FERTECON analysts)