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At the Committee on World Food Security in Rome this month, Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General, addressed the audience about food security. Barrie Bain of FERTECON, representing the Private Sector Mechanism at the CFS event, said that only through the private sector, governments and civil society working together at all levels could world hunger and malnutrition be defeated. To read the full article, click here: http://bit.ly/1iPn6zo

FERTECON is the world’s most reliable provider of market information and analysis on fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials.

The company has provided a reliable source of information to the industry for over 30 years and FERTECON’s services range from current market and price reports through to
in-depth long-term supply/demand and price forecast studies.

FERTECON’s current information services on fertilizers fall into two categories: monthly
newsletters and rapid information services.

FERTECON’s weekly news services on fertilizers, available by e-mail, are generally considered to be the most accurate and authoritative available.

FERTECON’s current information fertilizer reports not only tell subscribers what is happening in fertilizer markets, they tell them why developments are happening. Each report contains a concise analysis of the market, putting often confusing current developments in fertilizers into a wider context.

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