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FERTECON is the world’s most reliable provider of market information and analysis on fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials.

The company has provided a reliable source of information to the industry for over 30 years and FERTECON’s services range from current market and price reports through to in-depth long-term supply/demand and price forecast studies.

FERTECON’s current information services on fertilizers fall into two categories: monthly newsletters and rapid information services.

FERTECON’s weekly news services on fertilizers, available by e-mail, are generally considered to be the most accurate and authoritative available.

FERTECON’s current information fertilizer reports not only tell subscribers what is happening in fertilizer markets, they tell them why developments are happening. Each report contains a concise analysis of the market, putting often confusing current developments in fertilizers into a wider context.

FERTECON’s weekly price and market analysis reports include…

  • Weekly Ammonia Report
  • Weekly Phosphate Fertilizers Report
  • Weekly Nitrogen Fertilizers Report
  • Weekly Sulphur Report
  • Weekly Sulphuric Acid Report
  • Potash Report (every two weeks)

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FERTECON’s growth and its enviable reputation have been made possible by the high quality of its consultants and other staff. All FERTECON senior consultants are experienced in analysing the fertilizer and related industries. The expertise of FERTECON’s consultants encompasses economics, marketing, agronomics, chemistry, chemical engineering and cost analysis.

The basic philosophy of FERTECON is to provide its clients not only with high quality reports but also with the opportunity to tap the wealth of experience offered by our consultants for those small but urgent information requirements that occur in day-to-day business.

FERTECON’s services on fertilizers are subscribed to by virtually all companies and government agencies involved in the World fertilizer and related industries. A partial list of our clients can be seen on our clients page.


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